Monday, November 1, 2010

Congratulations to our Cast and Crew for a Great Run!

Area Boy Cast

Ali Yalgin                                   Judge/Cyclist/Miseyi’s Father
Colby Johnson                            Area Two-Four/Accused/ADC/Soldier/Prisoner
Andy Chu                                   Trader
Afftene Taylor                             Barber
Jennifer Blocker                          Mama Put
Bailey Parks                               Boyko
Conrad Haynes                           Big Man Shopper/Minstrel/Military Officer/
                                                      Conductor/Band Leader
Kimberly Goffe                           Girl/Miseyi’s Attendant/Another Witness
Brycen McCrary                          Sanda
Kyler Griffin                                Parking Attendant/Woman/Prisoner/MC
Julian Spector                             Foreigner/Prisoner 1/Soldier/Chief Kingboli
Yavuz  Acikalin                           Victim/Prisoner 2/Soldier 1/Bridegroom
Neha Sharma                              Mother of the Day/Police/Prisoner/Newsvendor
Faraz Yashar                              Witness/Prisoner/Warder/final Soldier/
     Military Governor
Ritza Calixte                               Shop Worker/Passenger/Prisoner/Miseyi

Director  Jody McAuliffe
Percussionist  Ben Crawford
Set Design  Torry Bend
Costume Design  Sonya Drum
Lighting Design  Roz Fulton
Choreography  Clay Taliaferro
Dramaturg  Nina Billone Prieur
Musical Direction/Arrangement  Todd Hershberger
Video Design  WIlliam Noland
Stage Manager/Sound Board Operator  Don Tucker
Asst. Stage Manager/Video Operator  Merve Tahiroglu
Asst. Stage Manager  Will Sutherland
Asst. Lighting Designer/Light Board Operator  Ophelia Chua

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